Woody Kalimba

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E-Kalimba with built-in effects, 10 keys/guitar input

Product Information

Another recycled product. A ten-key kalimba in a repurposed case.
The device has an instrument input and an amp output. With a switch, either the connected instrument or the kalimba can be routed through the built-in effects. On board are a fuzz with volume control and a short-echo slapback delay with controls for mix, time and feedback. The Kalimba also has its own volume pot. The mood is ECAFDCEGBD and can also be changed.
Cool instrument at a fair price

Product Details

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-upcycled in Germany
-dimensions: 12x10cm
-Fuzz and Slapback echo effect
-included bypass function for external instrumens
-9v dc/ centre negative
-blue and white status led
-external input/ amp output
-controls for Kalimba volume, fuzz volume, echo time, mix and feedback.
-bypass switch, switches for echo and fuzz
-real wood surface