Headwind Overboost Limited Edition


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Boost in boost in boost Pedal.
In this limited small series, I am experimenting with three consecutive boosters. 
Verry interesting crunch, overdrive and fuzz sounds. 
Two 3-stage filters give you additional flexibility in the sound selection
 Artwork made by:  www.mondkatze.art

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Boost in boost in boost Pedal. 
In this limited small series, I am experimenting with three consecutive boosters.  


The booster in the middle processes the input signal. If you activate this via the footswitch, you get an adjustable volume increase and a little more crunch. Second in the signal chain is the booster on the right. If you activate this via the toggle switch, you can change the degree of distortion with the two active gain controls.  

All three boosters together result in the greatest distortion. When all three boosters are activated, the booster on the far left takes over the control of the volume, the remaining two then take over the pre-amplification.   

Boosters two and three also have a toggle switch with a sound filter.  

This can be used to influence the middle and low frequencies.
Artwork made by: www.mondkatze.art


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-handmade in Germany
-limited edition
-3 boosters in one pedal 

-2 Filter Mid/Hi/Low EQ
-3 gain controls to regulate each individual booster 

-9v dc center negative ( ca. 80mA)
-high-quality components, soft foot switch for pleasantly quiet switching noise 

- Artwork made by Mondkatze Art Jena

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