Electronic Kalimba V2 Prototype/first try B-STOCK


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fully functional, additional on off switch

Product Information

FIRST TRY PROTOTYP B-STOCK-FULLY FUNCTIONAL with additional on off switch.

this kalimba leaves nothing to be desired. It has an integrated delay and a fuzz effect. These effects can now also be used with an external instrument. The integrated pickup can be muted with a switch. the kalimba can also be used together with an external instrument- the internal effects are then available for both instruments. Perfect for any noise board or for friends of  experimental Music. 

Product Details

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-handmade and hand-printed in Germany
-dimensions: 110x55x45mm (including attachments)
-8 Keys, tuning ( C A F D C E G B )
-2 bypass switches for delay and fuzz
-switch for Pickup mute
-6,3mm in- and output Jack (Lumberg)
-Master Volume for Piezo Pickup
-Delay Knobs: MIX Dry/Wet Signal, SWELL (Feedback) Time for theDelay time
-dc input for 9v dc, center negative