Evil Twin Combi Pedal

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recycling project from two refurbished TC Pedals - stuffed with many options...

Product Information

These two old aluminum housings are left over from the last rehousing. It's always a shame to throw something like that away - so I made something really cool out of it. 
The Evil Twin is a combo pedal and includes a modified Acapulco Gold Overdrive (the red pedal). 
This has an additional gain control for the distortion and a clean blend control. The black pedal is a reverb effect based on the Belton Brick with a long delay time - with mix and dwell control. 
The toggle switch changes the order of both pedals - this opens up completely different sounds. 
The highlight is that both pedals are already integrated on a mini pedalboard.

Product Details

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-Refurbished in Germany
-two in one combi pedal with distortion and reverb
-Gain, Volume, Blend
-Reverb Mix and Dwell
-oder switch
-soft click footswitches
-status led (blue)
-dimension 17x12cm
-9v dc centre negative
-integrated mini pedalboard  (oiled multiplex)