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a useful tool with many possible applications
Fully functional, small flaws in the paintwork and graphics

Product Information


Fully functional, small flaws in the paintwork and graphics 

Nothing crazy, just an A/B box. However, this A/B switch offers a wide range of possible applications. It switches the signal to two outputs (A and B). This can be used, for example, to switch between two amps or to select the channels of the amplifier( e.B. with the VOX AC30 choice between normal and top boost). Or you can connect two guitars and switch between both guitars very easily. The power supply is only needed for the LEDs, the switch also works without power supply. When battery powered, the LED goes out when the cable is pulled out of the input

Product Details

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-handmade in Germany
-dimensions: 110x55mm
-"Gorva" Softswitch
-2 status LEDs
-1x input, 2x output, DC jack
-battery or power supply operation