KRYPTEX Electronic Kalimba MKIII SALE

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A really weird mini kalimba

Product Information


Sale Absurdly cheap price

The kalimba part works perfectly. The synth effect has problems with some guitars in the instrument insert, so now the last units with a massive price drop 

The Kryptex is another Kalimba with built-in effects section.
You can choose between clean, reverb or a synthesizer effect.
You can also use the Kryptex clean with other pedals.
The built-in reverb has controls for damp, dwell and reverb. With this reverb effect you can create very spooky, experimental sounds with very long blurry echo tails.
The synthesizer part is a Fuzz-octave-down mixture which sounds incredibly good in combination with the kalimba.
If you want to use this effect with the guitar you have to consider a few things:

Humbucker guitars or guitars with high output level (e.g. p90) work very well

Use the neck pickup and turn the Tonepoti to zero

Single notes will work well, powerchords are sounds totally sick ( can also be good).

Product Details

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-Electronic Kalimba with clean reverb and synthesizer sound
-handmade in Germany
-dimensions 60x110mm
-8 keys CAFDCEGB     (can be changed)
-9v DC centre nagative
-controls for reverb effect: dwell, damp, reverb
-guitar input (humbucker recommended for the synthesizer effect)
-amp output


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