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Small compact signal buffer - ideal for longer cable lengths to maintain the brilliance of the signal

Product Information

If you have a lot of pedals on your pedalboard, you'll quickly end up with several meters of cable. The longer your instrument-sinal travels to the amplifier, the more the signal loses brilliance. With this buffer, you can eliminate this effect. Even with medium cable lengths, the use of a buffer is recommended. So if you are a single coil user with lots of true bypass pedals, you can't avoid this buffer. Place the buffer at the beginning of the signal chain and arrange all other pedals after it. One of the best buffer circuits ensures that the signal sounds as fresh and crisp as if you were playing directly into the amp. 
The high-quality THT components are soldered by me by hand and the stable and compact design ensures long-term enjoyment of the product

Product Details

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-small signal buffer
-maintains the brilliance of the signal over longer cable distances
-handmade in Germany
-dimensions: 90x35x35mm
-9v DC center negative
-powder coated matt black enclousure