Dying Battery Simulator V2

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Simulates a dying battery- Can change the sound of analog pedals

Product Information

Analog pedals, but especially fuzz pedals, take on a different sound character when powered by a dying battery. This is exactly what the Dying Battery Simulator can reproduce. The DBS V1 was cool, but it had the disadvantage that the power supply output was occupied and no additional pedal could be connected. The progress of the DBS V2 is that a second 9V bypass channel is now available. Now another pedal can be operated via this second channel. This second channel runs constantly at 9V and is not affected by the DBS setting. 
Just try it out and discover completely new worlds of sound on your analog pedals

Product Details

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DBSV2 Product Image

-Dying Battery Simulator/ Starve Pedal

-simulates a dying battery 

-handmade in Germany

-9V input, 9v output(9v Bypass), adjustable output 0-9V

-dimensions 38x38mm