Hydra Blend 2

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Mixes the dry signal with a connected pedal. The solution also to bypass older, non-true bypass pedals

Product Information

The HYDRA Blend allows you to connect one or more external pedals via the send/return jacks. The Hydra's blend control controller mixes the clean signal with the wet signal of the connected pedal. If you turn the blend control all the way to the left, you get the clean sound. If you turn it to the right, you get the 100% wet sound from the external pedal. So you can mix both sounds together in a stepless manner. Version 2 of the Hydra can now finally be used for bass and bass effect pedals without destroying frequencies.

Note: The "Hi" setting is for guitar frequencies, the lo setting is for bass frequencies. With the "lo" setting, no lower frequencies are added, only the low end of the bass and the bass effect pedals are retained 

Product Details

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- Blend PedaL for a mix between dry and wet signal

- handmade in Germany
- 9v dc, center negative / 5mA

- blue status led

- send/return jacks to connect external pedals

- in/out Jacks for Instrument and Amp

- Mix knob for wet/dry mix

- dimensions: 110x55mm

-high quality UV printing

-quality parts

-true bypass

-toggle switch for use with bass or guitar