Volume Box for Tube Amps

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Passive Volume Box for use in the Fx-loop of your amplifier!!
Brings your amp to a tolerable volume

Product Information

New Design

We know it. The tube amp sounds really good at high volumes. In order to make this effect possible and still get a tolerable volume level , often only an expensive power soak can help. You get the simple and cheaper version with the Volume Box. It is inserted between the send and return of your amp fx- loop and allows you to tame an amp that is set to maximum volume. If you use effects pedals in the FX loop, you simply put the volume box at the end of the signal chain in the loop. Also tube amps where the master volume control jumps undefined from 0-1 can be helped. A practical helper that upgrades your amp.
Super small and solidly built, hand-wired, made in Germany

Warning! The Volume Box is only for the fx loop of your amplifier, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the amp.

Product Details

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-volume box for the fx loop

-send/return jacks
- passive, no power supply is required 

-chickenhead knob, volume scale

-handmade in Germany

-dimensions 50x50mm

-Volume box for looping into the effect path of your amplifier