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In my shop, you will find my lovingly handmade sound machines and pedalboard tools for guitar, bass and harmonica. HAVE FUN 

The Latest Products:

The Electronic Thing Pedal is the latest evolution of my Electronic Kalimbas. The pedal now combines a regular guitar/bass pedal and a sound machine/noisemaker part in one compact pedal. You can find more information about the Electronic Thing in my shop.

Electronic Thing modular sound machine

Electronic Thing

The Electronic Thing offers you a compact combo pedal with Interchangeable sound modules. Transform your Electronic Thing into the instrument you need or use it as a regular guitar or bass pedal with integrated fuzz and delay

Music box youtube demo

Music Box Sound Modules

Here is a demo video for the Music Box Sound Module. The Electronic Thing can be upgraded with additional modules. I'm constantly developing new modules, so you can upgrade your Electronic Thing from time to time

Full youtube demo

Guitar, Bass&Noise-Pedal 

Here you will find a short demo. You can find a complete video with bass and guitar in the shop. An incredibly good ambient delay, and a fuzz of your dreams are an integral part of the Electronic Thing. And the best thing is: you get it all in one pedal


Here you will find a small selection of my products. You can find the complete overview in the shop. All products are handmade by me and then tested for functionality. You get a two-year warranty on all pedals. If something breaks, I will repair devices purchased from me free of charge If you have any questions or requests, you can write to me using the contact form.

son ofa switch recycling pedals

Son of a Switch

It's Time for new recycling pedals! Brand new pedals in reused housings.This secures resources and you also save money. There are always new pedals coming out, check this section to stay up to date

dying battery simulator starve device


Can simulate a battery that is not fully charged. Regulate the voltage from 0-9V. This little tool delivers surprising results with overdrive and fuzz pedals. Change the sound of your pedals- without expensive modifications

volume box power soak

Volume Box

The cheap alternative to a real powersoak. Connect the Volume Box to the FX loop of your amplifier, turn the amplifier volume to maximum and set the right level for you with the Volume Box

Little W. Harmonica Boost chicago Harp sound

Little W. 

The classic boost pedal for "THE" Chicago harmonica sound. Super compact and it gives your harp sound the right kick. Many harp players swear by this little device. Especially if you value minimalism, you can't avoid this tiny thing.
Handmade in Germany


Pedalboard kalimba

Bypass Kalimba

The Kalimba for your pedalboard. Can be completely integrated into the signal chain and is compatible with your existing guitar or bass pedals, this small pedalboard instrument offers you and your band completely new sound worlds. Expand your arsenal of effects now

Stompbox Drum Pedal- passive kick drum pedal

Door Wedge

A passive, real wood drum pedal with the right punch for rhythmic drumming with your feet or hands - directly into the PA or amplifier. Optimized, to get the best drum result you can get with a passive pickup
Small, stable and effective

I also have a reverb shop. Here you will find special offers from time to time. Take a look at the following link:

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