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Pedal Tree is a small one-man company from the Thuringian state capital Erfurt/Germany. I have been producing effects pedals and other little helpers for the pedal board under this name since 2020. I lovingly build my pedals by hand and each of my products is unique. Should you not find what you are looking for in my shop, you can contact me at any time to discuss custom-made products. Have fun exploring the following pages 



Hydra Blend mixing pedal pedal Tree

HYDRA Blend Mixing Pedal

Pseudo Theremin

Come into the light.  

The pseudo theremin is a light-controlled sound generator 

Pedal Tree Pseudo Theremin

Customer Reviews


Jens/ Custom Pedal

"Das Pedal sieht toll aus, und vor allem klingt es großartig! Ich vollends zufrieden "

Customer Reviews


Nic/ Stompbox

"Ich hatte das sofortige Bedürfnis mich bei dir zu bedanken. Das Pedal ist simpel, funktioniert blendend und ist hübsch anzusehen "

"Ich bin begeistert"

Customer Reviews


Alex/ Electronic Kalimba MKII

"die Kalimba ist da und ich bin total begeistert"

Customer Reviews


Chris/ Stompbox "Basic"

"Vielen Dank für die extrem schnelle Lieferung"

Customer Reviews


Kai/ Stompbox "Basic"

"Die Stompbox funktioniert super"

Customer Reviews


Matthias/Triad Custom Pedal

"Der Sound ist umwerfend, endlich kann ich meinen Vox AC15 in vollem Umfang nutzen"

Customer Reviews


Christoph/Doomsday Clock Tremolo/ Electronic Kalimba 

"sehr, sehr geil. Eine neue Soundfabrik"

Customer Reviews


Rafael/Mini Cajon/ 2x Volume Box

"Wie immer alles super, Vielen herzlichen Dank"

Customer Reviews


Dave/Stompbox "Basic"

"beautiful & sounds great"

Customer Reviews

10.04.21 Bob/ Little W.:

" I’ve been playing since 1969. I’ve played through many different amps, microphones, many different pedals and devices and I can assure you that nothing has worked better for me than Pedal Tree’s “Little W” Harmonica Booster. I know it will work well for you." 

Customer Reviews

01.06.21 Ulli/ Little W.:

"Great Harmonica Booster, very flexible"

Customer Reviews

05.06.21 Wolfgang/ Volume Box:

" the pedal works perfectly , I will recommend you to others" 

Customer Reviews

10.05.21 Manuel/ Custom Bypass Looper:


"unpacking was fun,perfect and high quality processed"


Customer Reviews

28.04.21 Rafael/ Little Priest Amp/Volume Box/Stompbox/Little W. Booster:


"very nice design, perfect quality- I particularly like the little priest amp" 

Customer Reviews

21.04.21 Daniel/ Custom Splitter/Stompbox:

"super fast delivery and beautifully packaged"


Customer Reviews 

14.04.21 Eric/ Seismograph Prototyp:

"loving packaging great pedal"

Customer Reviews

16.03.21 Dennis/ Custom Pedal Drivecatcher:

i am very satisfied, the pedal is exactly as i imagined it to be"

Customer Reviews

14.01.21 Max/ Custom Pedal Booster:

thank you very much, i will recommend you"

Customer Reviews

24.02.21 Enrico/ Patchbox mono:

I am very satisfied, great packaging"

Customer Reviews

27.01.21 Jan/ Stompbox:

"great device"

Customer Reviews

05.12.20 Stephan/ Stompbox: 

" I am very satisfied, the stompbox is better than the much more expensive products"

Customer Reviews

29.12.20 Sebastian/ Custom Pedal TS808:

" cool pedal, i'm promoting you"

Customer Reviews

14.01.21 Oliver/ Woodwalker Fuzz:

"transparent Tonebender Sound" 

" works great with the volume pot of the guitar 

Customer Reviews

03.02.21 Bertram/ Stompbox:

"very nice stompbox, it wins the comparison with the branded product"

Customer Reviews

28.01.21 Oliver/ Custom 69 Fuzz:

"great job"

Customer Reviews

30.11.20 Melissa/ Stompbox:

"perfect Stompbox"

Customer Reviews

21.12.20 Thilo/ Woodwalker Fuzz:


pedal tree hydra blend

Hydra Blend Pedal

Pedal Tree pseudo theremin


Pedal Tree electronic Kalimba

Electronic Kalimba MKII

Pedal Tree Little W special edition

Little W. Speial Edition

Stompbox Blackbox Pedal Tree

Stompbox "Blackbox"

Little Priest Mini Guitar Amplifier

Little Priest Amplifier


Pedal Tree Brain F*** Oscillator

Brain F*** Oscillator Effekt Pedal


Little W. Harmonica Booster 

TRIAD- 3 stage Footswitch for AC30 or AC15


Stompbox "Basic"

pedal Tree drivecatcher

Drivecatcher classic overdrive

Doomsday Clock Tremolo/Stutter Pedal

Volume Box for Tube Amps

Mini Cajon