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Lovingly built guitar pedals,sound machines and pedalboard tools

In my shop you will find my lovingly built pedal creations for guitar, bass and harp. Also some soundmachines and very useful pedalboard tools you will find here 

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Pedal Tree News

Pedal Tree Philosophy


In my new workshop on the outskirts of Erfurt I build all my products lovingly by hand. In my online shop you will find a wide range of effect pedals for guitar, bass and harmonica. Also very experimental sound generators and drum pedals are included in my assortment. My packaging is made of sustainable materials. I only use reused boxes as shipping boxes. This protects raw materials and your wallet 

Kryptex coming soon


The latest version of the Electronic Kalimba with built-in reverb and a synthesizer effect. A must have for your noise board
Now: discount for the KRYPTEX

Big W.

Big W.

A new harmonica pedal is also planned. The successor to the Little W. Pedal will have some useful features to offer. At the moment, the BIG W. pedal is still in the planning phase. I am working on the fact that I can offer you the pedal until December in my shop



From time to time I build individual pieces in small runs. These pedals are usually something special. For the construction I use reused housings or even housings made of wood or whatever is available. Prototypes can also be found in this section. So take a look and get a bargain

shop the Kryptex

Now in the shop - the Kryptex is the latest version of my Electronic Kalimba


is something between filter- fuzz and synthesizer. It only works with electric bass

Drivecatcher one knob TS

The DRIVECATCHER doesn't want to do anything other than a classic Tubescreamer808 - maybe a little more gain. The exposed knob controls the volume, the amount of overdrive can be adjusted with a Trimpot-

Treelay Delay Slapback Echo

The TREELAY offers reverb-like, spooky sounds, but it can simply be an 800ms delay. Adding more feedback creates almost endless, spherical sound effects. With the Mix Knob you can hide the dry signal. As always - printed by hand, hand-wired - with quick start guide, pedal tree bag and small gimmicks

Little W. Harmonica Booster Pedal

A little celebrity.
The LITTLE W. Harmonica Boost is firmly integrated on the pedalboard of harmonica players in many countries of the world after a short time. The robust and simple design makes it a reliable companion on stage

Kalimba with case candy

Have fun with the ELECTRONIC KALIMBA. This small and handy pedal should not be missing on any noise board. 8 keys, integrated fuzz and delay effect, muteable pickup with instrument input, for use as a guitar pedal.

The newest stuff:

In this section you will find my latest products

Sound device oscillator

Pseudo Theremin

 change the pitch of the oscillator with light and shadow 

Vintage Fuzz


 With Vintage Germanium Transistors

Treelay slapback

Treelay Delay

A mixture of spooky echo and delay

Headphone Amp

Mini Head AMP

perfect for small applications on the go or in the desktop area

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